Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Delicious Deals

found while running through the Eastside

Let me preface this post by confessing; I am not a runner. I am more of a seasonal walker who, at times, is inspired to pepper those walks with short outbursts of girlish, arm-flailing jogging. Nevertheless, on my last said outing, I windedly passed by two delicious deals I couldn't resist sharing.

While exiting the East River at 34th street, I passed by the insanely tasty El Parodor and was shocked to find that a three-course prixe fix lunch at the Mexico City inspired "roadhouse" would only set me back a flat $20. For those more interested in a liquid lunch, the bar is also offering $5 margaritas and half-priced appetizers from 3-6pm. With gourmet delights like a 24-ingredient mole chicken, mussles with cornbread, and warm cinnamon salsa; El Parodor gives a great reason to knock off the day a few hours early.

Moving downtown I stopped to steal a whiff of the sweet aromatic Indian-Americana fusion that is Tabla. After staring longingly, and likely creepily at the patron's plates on the cozy outdoor patio that overlooks Madison Square Park, I spotted the second deal of the day; the Tabla to-go lunch cart. This is probably the most flavorful and thoughtful street cart food one will find in the city. Offerings include tandori roasted chicken with mint chutney, and black peppered roasted lamb with pickled peppers. The best part -- all menu items are under $10!

Bon Appetit!

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