Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's prank ideas for foodies

april fool's day dinner
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Ever since Michelle reminded us that tomorrow is April Fool's when she posted her friend's "Deviled Eggs" made of pure white chocolate, the eight-year-olds inside of us have been trying to come up with our own Cuttlefish Ink office food pranks.  Enjoy a few adult (and kid)-friendly ones we've come up with around the Web after the jump.  What are your favorite April Fool's pranks?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Partying at the Inner Cirlcle with descendants of Transfatsylvania

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Last weekend, the healthiness of  food in New York City was on stage so to speak as Mayor Mike Bloomberg was portrayed as  a descendant of a line of vampires from "Transfatsylvania."

It was all happening at the Inner Circle Show - a tradition that began in 1923 of journalists roasting New York City mayors and other influencers via multi-act musical theatre satire.  When our dear friend @francarpentier brought us to the dress rehearsal (and hooked up seats in the first two rows smack in the middle!), she described how in 2007, the show famously moved  then Mayor Rudy Guliani to dress in drag.

This year, songs poked fun at Mayor B's ban on transfat and his more recent efforts aimed at reducing our salt intake.  We were crying from laughter as an elegant Melissa Russo (co-anchor of WNBC's Saturday evening show) dressed in a white sequence ball gown and a salt shaker cap strapped on her head, alongside Andrew Siff (WNBC-TV reporter) as Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty, sang about wanting to eat what they want and argued that salt was necessary to keep the snow off the streets.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Balaboosta - Israeli tapas in a warm place

If Shira told her grandmothers in Israel she was preparing a home cooked meal for guests or making up a guest bedroom with clean sheets, she would say Shira was a "balaboosta" -meaning someone who was  making my home cozy and welcoming.  That's exactly the kind of atmosphere Einat Admony creates at her new restaurant in soho by the same name.

From the moment we spoke to a maître d' who called to confirm our reservation on Saturday, we felt welcome. Because the liquor license hadn't been taken care of he suggested we bring our own bottle of wine to enjoy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tina's Cuban Cuisine: Good for the wallet, the body and the soul

While New York may be the most international city when it comes to the number of foreign-born people who share the space,  when it comes to eating, the melting pot phenomenon has made authentic international cuisine sometimes hard to find.  A little gem in an unlikely neighborhood - one block from the Empire State Building - with wholesome and fresh ingredients cooked up with incredible flavor and served in an impeccably clean establishment by warm staff is Tina's Cuban Cuisine on Madison between 33rd and 34th St.  The portions are so enormous, you can share a $9 entree with a friend - or save half for the next day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ethos on Third Ave: Satisfying the appetites of men with the diets of women

For us, yesterday was one of those busy days that started at 6 a.m. & was so jam-packed with interviews and projects that when 6 p.m. hit, we had the appetites of men. But having indulged in the likes of burgers and two back-to-back brunches over the weekend, our bodies couldn’t afford a heavy meal.

With plenty of work left to accomplish for the evening we wanted to keep it close to our office and decided on Ethos in Murray Hill. We landed one of the cozy yet over-sized tables by the window, where there is plenty of room for lots of plates, as well as notepads. As we ordered, our authentically Greek waitress amused us when she argued that, “many women don’t like this wine” and disappeared to bring us a tasting.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Video Review of Hecho en Dumbo: Where the servers’ standard closing line is “Are you still hungry?”

After hearing from @kludt that Hecho en Dumbo was a mob scene on Friday we decided to do brunch bright and early on Sunday morning.  To our delight, the place was empty but for one two-top in the back.  


The meat-packing-district-esque vibe in the new East Village location is very different from the DUMBO version that had the convertible outside area and live music at night.  But some of that cozy coffee shop feel made its way into the city with adorable coffee mugs and plates, even if the décor feels a little contrived.  


Check our our Video Review after the jump.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Video Review: Ruby’s - Burgers so Delicious, Even a Vegetarian Couldn’t Resist a Bite

Yesterday our solution to the conflict of gorgeous weather and a dire need for office furniture was resolved with a decision to walk what felt like the length of Manhattan to Seaport Village then hop onto the free water taxi to Ikea.   Getting somewhat lost somewhere below Canal Street, the journey downtown turned into a two-hour walk in the sun.  The serene boat ride was followed by the usual chaos of navigating the mega store, muscle-powered lugging of our findings back onto the water taxi, and finagling of a cab from Seaport with our belongings.

At 4 p.m. our stomachs alarmed us that the slice of pizza shared among three women was not cutting it.    To quench our huge appetites, a friend suggested Ruby’s in Nolita – “supposedly the best burgers in New York” she said. 

Check out our video review after the jump.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm having a relationship with my pizza and leaving no carbs behind

Having founded Cuttlefish Ink with the strong belief that if you can taste, you can live and love, we're pumped for the movie Eat Pray Love to come out - even if we do have to wait until August 13.  Check out Julia Robert bringing to life the real-life experience of Elizabeth Gilbert who leaves her comfortable life and finds soul sustenance in her feasts here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating St. Patty's with a Green Resolution

Living and working in Manhattan is tremendous and relentless. With the excitement of the city that never sleeps are eight million of us crowded together in pollution and among rodents. Because the daily commute through midtown alone sometimes comes at the expense of our sanity, we city gals sustain ourselves with small luxuries. And in this economy, that often means the really small luxuries that make a real difference.   So does opting for the extra .15 cents per pound for the organic bananas make the cut as an effective therapy for the daily grind?

A new book by Rodale Inc. CEO and Chairanm Maria Rodale argues YES. In the book, Rodale concludes that although organic food is often more expensive than conventional food, it pays in the form of reducing weight gain, hormone imbalance and even infertility.

Whether it's fact or fiction, we think any delicious and wholesome treat that might nourish our bodies and souls is woth a shot.  While we aren’t giving up on deli salads or brunches at our favorite bistros, on this St. Patrick’s Day we’re making an oath to eat at least one organic green a week. Men’s Health has some great ideas that make it easy to do.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Daily Grind: Can coffee help beat the work-day blues?

Yes, says a recent survey published by The Boston Globe.  The survey, which polled nearly 1000 professionals, found that free fresh coffee was among the top prized workplace perks.  Access to a hot cup of joe in the office ranked right up there with flexible hours and casual attire days.  In fact, nearly 40 percent of those asked would trade their end-of-year holiday bash for a daily cup.  Keurig, who was responsible for the survey, chalks up the employee sentiment to the rising price of self-caffination -- costing Americans $440 per year for the workweek fix alone.

Here at Cuttlefish Ink, we believe wholeheartedly in the irresistible aroma of a freshly brewed roast.  Nothing seems to jump start the creative process like a brainstorm with Mr. Coffee.  What's percolating today?  French roast with cardamom. 

Bottom's up,
The Cuttlefish Team

photo thanks to the UK Telegraph

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dollars for diakon radish, dandilion and dates

Ever since we've been reading about a study that paid moms to buy healthy food, we've been amusing ourselves by coming up with appropriate healthy snack alliterations to add to bucks for broccoli, cash for carrots.   We want to hear yours in the comments! 
The study found moms just spent the extra dough on sugary snacks.  Which really makes us wonder -- did they ever try coupling the discounted dates with a nice easy recipe?

Hello delicious world!

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