Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Daily Grind: Can coffee help beat the work-day blues?

Yes, says a recent survey published by The Boston Globe.  The survey, which polled nearly 1000 professionals, found that free fresh coffee was among the top prized workplace perks.  Access to a hot cup of joe in the office ranked right up there with flexible hours and casual attire days.  In fact, nearly 40 percent of those asked would trade their end-of-year holiday bash for a daily cup.  Keurig, who was responsible for the survey, chalks up the employee sentiment to the rising price of self-caffination -- costing Americans $440 per year for the workweek fix alone.

Here at Cuttlefish Ink, we believe wholeheartedly in the irresistible aroma of a freshly brewed roast.  Nothing seems to jump start the creative process like a brainstorm with Mr. Coffee.  What's percolating today?  French roast with cardamom. 

Bottom's up,
The Cuttlefish Team

photo thanks to the UK Telegraph

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