Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ethos on Third Ave: Satisfying the appetites of men with the diets of women

For us, yesterday was one of those busy days that started at 6 a.m. & was so jam-packed with interviews and projects that when 6 p.m. hit, we had the appetites of men. But having indulged in the likes of burgers and two back-to-back brunches over the weekend, our bodies couldn’t afford a heavy meal.

With plenty of work left to accomplish for the evening we wanted to keep it close to our office and decided on Ethos in Murray Hill. We landed one of the cozy yet over-sized tables by the window, where there is plenty of room for lots of plates, as well as notepads. As we ordered, our authentically Greek waitress amused us when she argued that, “many women don’t like this wine” and disappeared to bring us a tasting.
Meanwhile, our big eyes wanted to order something from each section of the menu. Although the fish by the pound – so fresh you could walk over and pick your friend – sounded refreshing we landed on hummus to start, an enormously oversized Elliniki Salata (Greek salad) with large chunks of ingredients the way we like them and thalasina (shrimp, scallops, swordfish & veggies) on skewers. We also ordered the tsatziki on the side not realizing we were receiving a $6 plate of it.
As we gorged ourselves with wonderfulness and brainstormed ideas surrounding our Easter/Passover, Earth Day and Cinco de Mayo pitches, the restaurant filled up - even on a Tuesday. Go Ethos! But we were never made to feel rushed. In fact, a server brought us a complimentary dessert we decided was a Crème brûlée wrapped in phyllo dough (we failed to get the actual name of it).

Before rolling ourselves out the door, we stopped by the bathroom, which was the most psychedelic part of our day – an angled mirror makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension. Thank you Ethos, for saving our days.

Ethos Greek Cuisine
495 Third Ave @ 33rd Street

Go there if…you want a nice sit-down Greek meal in Murray Hill

Great for: Fresh fish, big groups – Portions are generous enough to easily share and large tables accommodate plenty of plates

Not so great for: Faint-hearted animal lovers (be prepared to stare at the fish heads on your way to the bathroom)

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