Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating St. Patty's with a Green Resolution

Living and working in Manhattan is tremendous and relentless. With the excitement of the city that never sleeps are eight million of us crowded together in pollution and among rodents. Because the daily commute through midtown alone sometimes comes at the expense of our sanity, we city gals sustain ourselves with small luxuries. And in this economy, that often means the really small luxuries that make a real difference.   So does opting for the extra .15 cents per pound for the organic bananas make the cut as an effective therapy for the daily grind?

A new book by Rodale Inc. CEO and Chairanm Maria Rodale argues YES. In the book, Rodale concludes that although organic food is often more expensive than conventional food, it pays in the form of reducing weight gain, hormone imbalance and even infertility.

Whether it's fact or fiction, we think any delicious and wholesome treat that might nourish our bodies and souls is woth a shot.  While we aren’t giving up on deli salads or brunches at our favorite bistros, on this St. Patrick’s Day we’re making an oath to eat at least one organic green a week. Men’s Health has some great ideas that make it easy to do.

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