Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tina's Cuban Cuisine: Good for the wallet, the body and the soul

While New York may be the most international city when it comes to the number of foreign-born people who share the space,  when it comes to eating, the melting pot phenomenon has made authentic international cuisine sometimes hard to find.  A little gem in an unlikely neighborhood - one block from the Empire State Building - with wholesome and fresh ingredients cooked up with incredible flavor and served in an impeccably clean establishment by warm staff is Tina's Cuban Cuisine on Madison between 33rd and 34th St.  The portions are so enormous, you can share a $9 entree with a friend - or save half for the next day.

Once inside, the atmosphere is bare bones so we like to get our deliciousness to go.  We opted for an enormous grilled chicken with black beans and yellow rice, masses of grilled tomatoes and onions on top, with the spicy green sauce Tina's is famous for.  We always splurge the extra 50 cents to get two extra servings of the secret sauce. It's some kind of wonderful that tastes of avocado jalapeno and cilantro  spiciness.
On our way out, we stopped at a deli to pick up a cucumber, tomato and lettuce we could throw in a bowl with some leftover feta in the fridge for a simple side salad.
Total cost for two meals: $15.02.   
After spending beaucoup bucks wining and dining ourselves several days in a row, and in anticipation of spending more at Balaboosta this weekend, Tina's proved to be good for our wallets and delicious for our souls. Thank you Tina, whoever you are!!

Tina's Cuban Cuisine
179 Madison Ave @ 33rd Street

Go there if…you need a quick and hearty no-junk-food meal at an amazing price

Great for: Sudden hunger attacks (giant portions, no waiting here) delivery, authentic Cuban food fans

Not so great for: Atmosphere - this is a no nonsense place for getting in and getting out, vegetarians (only option is the $3 rice and bean plate which actually is very filling and a great deal)

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