Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last night of Passover: Unleavened Mexican at Yerba Buena

By the seventh day of eating nothing leavened, we were maxed out on Matzoh recipes and were thrilled when our good friend Liz suggested checking out Yerba Buena's Passover menu - and boy were we pleased! 

Because the matzoh ball soup we'd tried to pull off on our first seder night didn't work out so well, we started out with one of theirs --  balls were hard (the way they're supposed to be) and the broth tasted so fresh and homemade, it was like being at Safta's house.  We couldn't help but finish the whole gigantic bowl - a bad idea as it was enough to fill up even our hungry bellies.   

Nevertheless, we pushed out stomachs to ingest fish tacos - made with matzoh tortillas that were so delicious, we had our suspicions about just how safe-for-Passover they were. But we weren't asking any questions. 

We couldn't help but try the guacamole with lox though we should have known it was more novelty than delicacy with a creepy tuna salad taste and consistency.  However the cod ceviche was absolutely heavenly and the perfect end to the meal - refreshing, light and lovely.  

By then our stiff margaritas had kicked in and our heads were spinning (we wish we had taken a photo of the ingenious giant ice cube keeping them cool without watering down the potency).   Which could explain the trippy feeling in the very fabulous bathroom - it was like stepping out of the West Village and into Japan.  

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