Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MediaBistro After Party: Pizza Bash, the New Pizza by the Slice in Union Square

Yesterday at the MediaBistro women in media event at Underbar, we fell in love with the blueberry martini (thanks @jkeefe for the tip) and had a great time meeting new friends who accepted our hand-cut business cards.  But all the sugar went straight to our hunger bones.

Just our luck - a new pizza by the slice opened in Union Square East - across the street from the W.  We were a little skeptical when we walked in- not a customer in sight (The guys at Pizza Bash report that in the 3 months they've been open, "not everyone knows we're here yet").  The fact that our only choice for crust was whole wheat, only furthered the gut feeling.

However, we're pleased to report - if you like thin crust, this slice surpasses the "it's as good as whole wheat crust can be" bar.
Pizza Bash also features wholesome ingredients (we vegged out with broccoli &tomato).  Plus, the slices are ginormous - even for the $3.50 price tag - & the loads of hot pepper, garlic salt and parmesan are thoughtfully scattered all along the  community benches for easy access.

Is it just us or does Union Square totally have a health theme going?  The farmer's market, Whole Foods, even Toastie's offers fast food with a nutritional  kick.

Pizza Bash
42 Union Square East @ 17th Street 

Go there if...You need a quick bite in Union Square.

Great for: Late night snack that offers the grease you need and a muted guilt if you go with the brown bread.

Not so great for: Anyone expecting gourmet. Pizza Bash is no Artichoke or Posto - this place is about convenience right in Union Square.

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