Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pineapples & the mysterious "Alice in Wonderland-style" pineberry

Yesterday an oddly-shaped box was waiting at our door - it had the same colors of the packaging we receive every month when our fruit of the month from Harry & David - a lovely gift from Jackie when we moved into our new space - arrives.  So far we've received packages of 4-6 pears, apples, oranges, grapefruit, peaches, always in a shoebox-shaped packaged.  But this one was huge. 
We tore it open and there it was -- a glorious PINEAPPLE!

Its flamboyant green leaves poked out of the delicate yet sturdy packaging.  The last time we actually had a whole pineapple in the kitchen was  ten, maybe 15 years ago.  Its not that the enormous fruit (technically multiple fruit merged together, and perceived as one) isn't delicious - but we've always shyed away at the store.  The pineapple afterall is a huge commitment -- too much fruit for a few people & requiring a serious knife to to cut open.

Photos of the pineberry solution after the jump.

The arrival became an excuse to swap out our planned glass of wine for a Jonnie Walker, soda and pineapple concoction.  Whoa delish. And we have plenty left for the mahimahi we'll be cooking up tonight.  Oh pineapple, we'd forgotten how very taste you are.
As we sipped our cocktails and caught up on the day's tweets, we were thrilled to learn that all the flavor with none of the inconvenience was on its way. Yup-  fruit sex in the UK is producing white strawberry that taste like a pineapple! (via @ShutUpFoodies)

The Guardian cautions, this may be marketing hype and notes the "new fruit" originated in the 18th century - but it's news to us! 

According to Slashfood, this spring we'll be able to buy the berry at a dollar an ounce.  That means post-Passover we'll have no excuse not to invite friends over for pineapple pancakes with coconut flakes a-la-hot pineapple upside cake

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