Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One if By Land Plays With Our Mouths (amuse-bouche)

Our friend Paul once told us he took a first date to One if By Land Two if By Sea in the West Village and ended up marrying her. 

So when on the morning of our four-year anniversary, we were alerted to a fabulous discount on a 3-course at the most romantic restaurant in the city, we decided the time had come to try it for ourselves.  We were not disappointed.

The nook of a restaurant on Barrow Street is a hidden gem behind a wooden door and despite the historic decor, the staff is super energetic and West Village-ish.  We had an adorable corner window table looking out to a cozy nestle of a garden and were somehow transported away from a whirlwind week of non-stop activities to a magical place.  Our favorite dish was the leak soup, compliments of the chef, which started us off with something rich and refreshing all at once. The "amuse-bouche" our waiter claimed, means "to play with your mouths."
Our meticulously designed appetizers could have easily passed for entrees and not thinking ahead, we gobbled most of them down.  The soft shell crab was a little harder to eat than it sounds: We were instructed to eat all the outsides, which we tried, as well as the tomato chutney & cumin on the side.  Our first taste of sqab proved to be one of those little birds that tastes like steak, but in a good way.  By the time the real entrees - lobster ravioli and "pot au-feu" - arrived we were already stuffed & even with our appetites, inhaled only a fraction of our plates.

Nevertheless, it was the black forest composition and pineapple lavender that really did us in.

Even though we knew we wouldn't be back for a while - this is a once in a lifetime indulgence - we left wishing we'd purchased more of these deals to give as gifts for our friends' anniversaries.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea
17 Barrow Street (@7th Ave)

Go there if...if you are celebrating a truly special occasion - the decadence here is not for the casual diner.  Make sure you have the time to take it all in without rushing.

Great for...anniversaries & entertaining grown-up hipster foodies who are too old for the East Village, too young for midtown.

Not so great for...solo dining or picking up (this is a romantic place, bring your own).

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